GridDot is looking for new coworkers

Developer with numerical background

GRIDDOT d.o.o. is looking for a developer with good knowledge of mathematics and numerics.

We are a small company of enthusiastic individuals from different fields of work, developing a solution for the optimization and planning of electro-distribution networks. Enabled by smart meters, we are digitally transforming the energy sector through data-driven insight, optimizations, and planning, paving our way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Your work will consist of (you DON’T have to know how to perform all of these functions before you start the job):

  • Reading documentation and discussing the algorithms, their parameters, system configuration… with developers – and getting to know how everything fits together and why.
  • Exploring the results of algorithms on various datasets, fine-tuning parameters if needed, and producing reports on their performance.
  • Writing tests to ensure algorithms continue to work as intended for real datasets by testing their results. These tests will be a part of the automatic continuous integration test suite.
  • Suggesting improvements for edge-cases and general behavior of algorithms and/or user experience of the application.
  • Writing simpler algorithms based on specifications defined by the product team.
  • Monitoring a suite of functional, regression, performance tests, or any other suite of tests needed to keep the quality of the product at the maximum level. Optionally, you will help evolve this testing suite to cover more cases that are harder to test.
  • Performing explorative testing of the application via APIs and frontend.
  • Reproducing and exploring bugs reported by customers or other people (you will have to set up local environment to try to find them, if needed).
  • Attending and actively contributing to our meeting day every 2 weeks; planning, retrospectives, feature reviews, and more. We hold these meetings in person at our offices in Šenčur.

How we work / technologies:

  • We are a small team of experts
  • Remote-first work
  • Good documentation practices
  • Test-driven development
  • C# for backend development
  • Python for glue code and data exploration
  • React for frontend
  • Kubernetes for scaling
  • Dynamic environment, everyone takes on more roles

Job requirements:

  • good numerical and statistical background (a degree in Physics, Mathematics or similiar)
  • experience with programming (can be entry level)
  • high motivation / drive
  • ability and eagerness to learn new technical and domain knowledge

What to expect from us:

  • Extensive mentoring program both in domain and technical aspects
  • Exciting project to work on
  • Small team of experts from various field, so you can learn fast. We are also very open minded – you are welcome to actively contribute to the project (your opinions will be heard)
  • Pay 15-25 EUR/h, or full time-employment 1500-3000 EUR gross.

If you find these interesting, please apply with CV to:

If you don’t fit the profile but you believe you could significantly contribute to the project, also don’t hesitate to write to us. We are available for any clarifications in comments.

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