Combining data science and electrical engineering

We are a small company of enthusiastic individuals from different fields of work, developing solutions for the optimization and planning of electro-distribution networks. Enabled by smart meters, we are digitally transforming the energy sector through data-driven insight, optimizations, and planning, paving our way towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Our mission is to enable green future. We empower our customers to make informed decisions that improve the utilization and optimize the expantion of their infrastructure.


Long-lasting and reliable cooperation based on mutual understanding and trust comes first for us. We lead our partners and customers on the modernization path and empower them to digitally transform their business processes. We’re here for partners, customers and each other. That’s what sets us apart from others and makes sense of our work.


Our relaxed and open environment is enabling the cooperation between all members of the team. Each team members voice is heard – open idea exchange is encouraged, allowing everybody to contribute significantly, feel a sense of achievement and grow both professionally and as an individual.