Software portfolio assessment and procurement process consulting.

Our cooperation with distribution system operators, smart meter manufacturers and software development companies has given us unique knowledge, experience and connections.

Our team is able to analize the current state of the deployed solutions portfolio at the customer, assess its utilization for the business processes and helps find the best steps to take to tackle the existing and upcomming problems.

Portfolio assessment

We give the company management honest insight into state of their companies software development.

Our team provides a fresh out-of-the-box view of the company operations, focusing on software product development process. The process starts by establishing managements high level idea of what the software should perform – we create the baseline of expectation. In the next step, the assessment of software functionality and esthetics, development teams and programing code allows us to get a complete overview. Expert fresh set of eyes can detect big conceptual shifts, missplaced development focus and potential product development improvements.

Our consulting leads mostly to establishing new processes that optimize time and development direction, increase productivity and improve communication. In some cases, new teams and products are created, spinoffs are established, while on the other hand, projects and products are abandoned.

Procurement process consulting

We help writing public procurement (tender) specifications and requirements in the field of advanced metering infrastructure (smart metering) acquipment, data acquisition & management, work force management, etc. and other related software. First, we discuss the goals of the company and extract the requirements. Afterwards we add our own suggestions based on tenders published by companies tackling similar challenges, introduce new ideas and incorporate the extracted requirements. After a consensus is found, we produce the technical documentation, review it with the company and iterate this process untill the final technical documentation is ready. We also prepare selection criteria and describe the process to be followed to ensure objective scoring of the submited candidates. Next step includes help with providing clarifications based on tender questions, followed by monitoring compliance assessment and scoring process. When the solution provider is selected, we help clarify final technical details and are involved in the kickstart and execution of the project.